Below is a comparison chart of some of our  resins with the most typical applications, a guide to our pigments and colorants and instructions for use ( VIWOOD, AQUARES, CRYSTALRES, FAST-SEAL, VACUSEAL)


Beewood is a natural wax based wood balm. It enhances the natural woodstructure, is easy to apply and provides 
simple maintenace.Shelf life not limited.


Apply with a soft  cloth or a soft brush to a thoroughly dried and cleaned surface.

3D-POX is a two-component, solvent-free, kneadable epoxy. It is moldable, carvable, strong, and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is easily sanded and will accept paint, screws and nails.

SURFING wood polishing paste. Based on food grade oils, waxes and minerals.

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