Naziv vsebine

When considering which type of resin to use, several questions come to mind. We try to answer them all in this post.
natural high-gloss friction polish
Beewood is a natural wax based wood balm. It enhances the natural woodstructure, is easy to apply and provides simple maintenace.
3D-POX is a two-component, solvent-free, kneadable epoxy. It is moldable, carvable, strong, and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is easily sanded and will accept paint, screws and nails.
ALU INVEST for casting metal 1 kg

ALU INVEST for casting metal 1 kg

ALU INVEST Ceramic mold making powder used for casting aluminium and bronze
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22 %
Price with VAT:
5,86 €



- smooth-walled casts

-fast curing

-simple demolding

-used for casting in cuvettes up to 1000 kg

-used for casting bronze and alluminium



Powder : Water   1 kg : 0,36/,40 ltr

Mixture volume:  0,77 - 0,79 ltr

Pot life: approx. 20 minutes

Curing time before heating: min. 90 minutes

Heating regime: table 1 and table 2



- powder and water temperature 20-23°C

- water temperature over 30-35°C shortens the curing time, lower temperatures elongate it

- mixing ratio may variate within the prescribed ratio according to the shape's complexity

- Pour the powder in the water, stir thoroughly, taking care not to mix in too much air (air bubbles may form)
- Vacuum the mixture if possible
- cure at room temperature for at least 90 minutes before heating
- Evaporate the wax – heat for at least 1,5 hours
- Insert into a cold furnace or a furnace preheated  to 150-180°C
- Demold after cooling to room temperature



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