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3D-POX is a two-component, solvent-free, kneadable epoxy. It is moldable, carvable, strong, and exhibits excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is easily sanded and will accept paint, screws and nails.
food-contact approved natural balm
When considering which type of resin to use, several questions come to mind. We try to answer them all in this post.
MOWILITH 50 polyvinyl acetate homopolymer  1 kg
MOWILITH 50 polyvinyl acetate homopolymer  1 kg

MOWILITH 50 polyvinyl acetate homopolymer 1 kg

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 A 100% solids, medium molecular weight, polyvinyl acetate homopolymer supplied as a colorless transparent pellet. Mowilith 50 is recommended for use by archaeologists working on digs as a consolidant for prehistoric bones and other artifacts. Mowilith 50 has a very high pigment binding capacity and therefore solutions containing it can be highly pigmented. In certain solvents, such as ketones and aromatic hydrocarbons, dissolved Mowilith 50 can also be pigmented with metal powders. This can be achieved without the binding solution thickening or becoming gel-like in consistency. Mowilith 50 shows good resistance to oils and fats and is impermeable to water. Mowilith 50 is readily soluble in many solvents such as acetone, esters, ketones, aromatic hydrocarbons and the lower alcohols (the latter require the addition of a low level of water as a co-solvent). Mowilith 50 has very good penetration and drying properties and is effective on a wide range of substrates including wood, textiles, paper, leather, glass, metals and plastics. Its excellent light stability means that it can be used in applications subjected to intense UV-radiation; therefore it can be used in the production of solvent-based inks, masonry stabilizing solutions and primers, as well as lacquers and enamels.

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