Naziv vsebine

food-contact approved natural balm
When considering which type of resin to use, several questions come to mind. We try to answer them all in this post.
Revivo Chalk paint is a versatile decorative paint used for creating many different effects
Vivaston 7kg
VIVASTON hi-tech modified mineral casting material 7 kg

VIVASTON hi-tech modified mineral casting material 7 kg

Concrete-like hi-tech modified mineral casting material
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Vivaston is a ready-to-use casting material. The products have a very high mechanical strength and are suitable for outdoor use. Additionally protect the products with PROTEKTIN. 



from candle holders, paper weights, home decor, kitchen, bathroom elements, garden furniture,stucco, monuments, benches, tables...

VIVASTON can be pigmented wit inorganic VIVAT PIGMENTS. 

Flexible molds can be made from MODRIN and ELASTOPUR, rigid from EPOX 210.


Mixing ratio:

Vivaston : 2,5 kg

Water: 0,27 kg


Mixing 25 kg of VIVASTON with 2,75 l of water produces approx. 12 litres of the casting mixture. 


Mixing: mix intensively by hand or with a mixer for 2-3 minutes (until the mixture is homogeneous). Thoroughly scrape the container's walls.


Density in liquid state:  2,34 kg/dm3


Pot life at:

5°C: approx. 90 minutes

20°C: approx. 45 minutes

25°C: approx. 5 minutes


Higher temperatures speed up the curing process. For better dimensional stability, gradually heat the casts from 60°C to 90° for 48 to 72 hours.

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